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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 3, 2010 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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pawtuxet river. inland locations, again, well into the 70s. can't rule out a few spots reaching the 80-degree mark once again. off to the east there is low level fog and clouds over the eastern shore, and that will dissipate in the afternoon. >> we will see you in a bit. thank you. hundreds of thousands of people will make their way to the district for the cherry blossom festival today. you will see beautiful opinion sxk white blossoms all along the basin. and getting there, though, could be a challenge. we are joined by derek with what could cause delays. >> we walked over the potomac river yesterday because we thought it would be better than
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driving. >> reporter: there are lots of folks down here, hundreds of thousands over the course of the festival. i will step out of way and let you look at what to expect over here. the blossoms out in full bloom, and so are the people. and people take this trip daily, but when this festival is here, it's time to stop and take notice. >> it's always beautiful. >> reporter: what do you like most about it? >> the trees against the monuments are just a great picture. >> reporter: what about you, sir? >> i love how simple it is. you come down and it's a bunch of beautiful trees and people walking around and it's not a big setup, just a nice way to visit washington. >> reporter: kimberly, you were talking about the traffic situation. most of the traffic for folks who want to look at the cherry blossoms and want to try to find
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a parking space, go into the curb lane. have you to be aware there are many more pedestrians than normal down here, and there are people from the city to direct folks, but have you to be careful. the best advice to give if you are coming out to view the cherry blossoms, you might want to take metro, you might have to cross the street but it's easier logistically. >> traffic was at a standstill. it'sot looking like that right now, is it? >> reporter: not now, but when you get towards the lincoln memorial there is a line of traffic, there is a light down there and traffic is as far as we could tell by the fdr memorial. it's when you are ready to leave when you run into adversity. >> that's where we were. when you were driving around was there any parking actually available? >> reporter: not that i could see, not too close by. you probably have to park a good distance away and walk.
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but what better scenery to take a stroll downtown than this today, huh? >> yeah, thank you, derek. stay with us throughout the morning, everyone, for more on the cherry blossom festival, and visit, and there you will find an invitation to share your cherry blossom high queues. a bus driver is off the street and in trouble with the law after police say he showed a knife to another driver. officers pulled over the bus twain adamson was driving last night. they say he showed a knife to the other driver during an argument around 5:00 last evening. he was driving on the u 2 route at the time. he has been a bus driver for three years. a police standoff in alexandria has come to a violent end.
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it began just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon at a apartment complex when police were serving an eviction notice when they heard shots inside. the police entered the home and found the man dead. he apparently killed himself. the standoff stalled the traffic for about three hours. a police officer from prince georges officer is in the hospital. he was hit by a tow truck when trying to make an arrest. police was trying to remove an uncooperative person from a suspicious car, and there was a struggle when it spilled into the street. the passing tow truck hit the police officer accidently. the officer has leg and back injuries this morning. the person he was trying to arrest is in jail. thieves smashed multiple locations in two cities. police are looking for thieves
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with a lot of change in their pockets, but as darcy spencer reports, their crime did not payoff much, but it's a huge pense for local governments. >> nearly 70 parking meters were damaged or destroyed in a rash of smash and grab thefts on sunday. the they haves may have gotten as little as $2 or as much as $50 from each machine. >> it's not a lot of bang for buck, if you will. the amount of labor these individuals went into smashin the meters with a sludge hammer or what have you, to get the return, it's not worth it. >> police say the vandals hit in bethesda, and 29 meters in all were damaged. 12 meters were raided in silver spring. police say the thieves smashed the outer casings of the meters and removed the coin cans inside. the cost of the government to fix or buy new meters could be in the thousands of dollars.
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>> if we presented a case to the state's attorney, you are talking in excess of 150 charges, most felony, because of the conspiracy and the theft scheme and the value related to replacing and repairing. >> they are asking the public to help catch the thieves. >> if anybody at the local area grocery stores sees somebody walk in with 40 pounds of quarters and dumped it in the coin star machine, give us a call, please. >> montgomery county say they are not sure how many people were involved in the theft and they are reviewing surveillance video to see if any of them were caught on camera. >> see bulging pockets -- >> yeah, making a lot of noise, be very suspicious. more criticism for the catholic church, why jewish leaders and many people of faith
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are outraged about how one priest defended the pope's role in the scandal. we will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of apple's new gadget. and not your average missing cat. where this wildcat is running loose in our area when "news4 today" continues. ♪
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five workers have died, and two others are badly burned
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after an explosion at an oil refinery in washington state. this blast rocked the refinery early yesterday morning. the company says the employees were doing mate nunt work on a unit that processes a highly flammable liquid. it took nearly two hours to get this fire under control. three men died at the scene and two women died from burns at the hospital. we are seeing new images this morning at the woman believed to be one of the suicide bombers in this week's moscow subway attack. this is a 17-year-old woman suspected of carrying out one of the bombings. one picture shows them wearing a muslim head covering while holding a grenade, and then the other shows her holding a pistol. 40 people died in the attacks on monday. another case of priest sex abuse as catholic church leaders prepare for easter.
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an arizona priest molested children as far back as the '70s. documents viewed showed pope benedict, then a cardinal, took 12 years to remove the priest after he found out. and ann thompson shows us how it affects the church. >> reporter: the outcry over the census of priest dominated this friday, and church leaders who covered it up, perhaps even the pope. those accusations brought a controversial defense from the pope's personal preacher. at today's service he compared the attacks on benedict to the persecution of the jews. >> translator: we know from experience what it means to be victims of collective violence and because of this they are quick to recognize the recurring symptoms. >> reporter: those are the
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thoughts of the preacher and not the pope, words that angered jewish leaders around the world. and at the cathedral and in every german church a special prayer was offered for abuse victims. people waited in long lines at the vatican to attend service, but life-long catholics were frustrated. >> the pope could have had a stronger message how the church can make retribution for where that happened. >> reporter: a small group of protesters kept what they called a vigil of sorrow. the burden of the scandal is carried by rankenfile priests. >> it undermines the work of the church in almost every way.
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the work that i try to do as a teacher and preacher and evangelist, my work is undermined all the time by this scandal. >> that was ann thompson reporting. 9:13. right now, if you like the weather yesterday, you will love today. >> justin is in with a look at the forecast to come. >> yeah, a lot of repeat going on, that's the trend for next week with temperatures above average. we will talk about rain chances. a look at the seven-day forecast coming up.
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i don't kn. it's like unicorns or gold, just very magical to explain. >> yeah, to some they are just gadgets but to others cool accessories. new apple products are for some the highlight of the year. and apple addicts waited in line to get the new apple's ipad. will others see the ipad as a unicorn or gold?
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>> steve jobs gave the world a look at the ipad in january. saturday, the world gets its hands on it. >> i think ipad is a game changer already. >> it has familiar functions into a clipboard sized pad that has options. $500 gets you a base model, and $800 for the high-end version. >> it's a matter of whether people who already have a smart phone and or a notebook commuter decide i need to too. >> adding to the appeal is a launch of books to the service, and that makes the ipad a direct competitor to the kendall. >> the gaming industry is also zeroing in on the ipad's
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potential. >> it's going to be a killer game vice. >> over time, this is going to have some kind of influence. we just don't know yet how much. >> consumers will provide that answer in the months ahead. >> apple's competitors have products similar to the ipad already in t works. our website has great tips for ipad hunters including where to go and how to line up, and yes, it does matter. visit, and once you are there search ipad or do it old school and pick up a book or newspaper. >> yeah, that's true. we understand there are two lines in our area for people that want the ipad, one for those that preordered and those that are trying to get lucky. >> they will have lots of warmth out there. and folks, justin, will be able to enjoy the weather no matter
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what they are doing, right? >> yeah, a lot of people have been nice to me lately, and i wonder why? well, it's a nice weekend and it will extend to the next week. if you can't make it outdoors this weekends you will get your chance next weekend as well. there are low clouds and fog coming in actually from the atlantic ocean. there has been a moist flow coming in off the water and it's starting to push off to the west. this may inhibit some of the temperatures cliquickly climbin through the day. we are looking at 50s across the area with breezes coming in at 5 miles per hour. it does not look like we will break records today, but certainly some of the inland locations once again could top off around 80 degrees. current check on some of the regional temperatures. we are well into the 50s now.
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mid-50s around frederick, and upper 50s towards haguere town. and there is low clouds and fog keeping temperatures down in the 40s. a live look at doppler radar. all is good. nothing going on right now. that's good news for the weekend if you are planning to head outdoors. a wide shot out across the entire east coast again. we are looking at some clouds moving in from the west. there is a developing pressure system moving into southern illinois and kentucky and tennessee. but as the front approaches the mountains it will lose all the juice, and all the moisture will be gone, so by the time it gets to our area we will be dealing with clouds. and high pressure remains off the east coast providing a southerly wind flow keeping the temperatures mild. and look at all the rain across kentucky and tennessee, but as we move through time, rain just falls apart, and the front runs
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into dry air. the main dynamics of the storm are to the north and west of us. tomorrow morning waking up there will be clouds around for easter sunday, but ashe front moves offshore you will see the skies turning mostly sunny, and that will be the trend for monday and tuesday. and then clouds around for this morning but the sun will make it through. 74 to 80 degrees. and also the problem you get with the nice weather is the pollen count. all the problem trees right now out there. tomorrow's high temperature back down to 75 degree with the frontal passage but nice with increasing sun through the afternoon. monday, opening day, nationals versus phillies, upper 70s there. and tuesday is the warmest day in the low 80s. it looks like we could run into showers overnight wednesday or early thursday morning. doesn't look like anything widespread.
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and then we will cool back down into the 70s and then we will see a return to sunshine on friday. even though we will fall back to the 60s, that's still above average for this time of year. >> allergies and rain, and traffic, and 60s, none of it matters because of the spectacular weather. the skins make an addition to the roster. here is dan with your sports minute. >> nothing like starting your day with another loss, my apologies even though the wizards snapped their 16-game losing streak, they have started another one, this time starting with the chicago bulls. the bulls dumped the wizards 95-87. the redskins added another horse to their stable of experienced running backs. parker, formerly of the steelers signed a one-year deal with the skins. according to parker's agent he does not come to washington to back up portis or johnson. the running back spot is said to
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be an open competition. and then to the ice, five regular season games left for the capitals. the biggest question going into the playoffs is goaltending. and theodore has technically gone unbeaten since january but struggled a bit in the last couple games and the tide could be shifting. everybody have a great weekend. the ncaa is facing a lawsuit from former college basketball stars. the athletes say they have not gotten their due for the continued use of their images in marketing. nbc's jay gray reports. >> as the final four teams arrive ready to battle in the championship, some other players are taking to a different court for a different fight. >> this is a case of a
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continuing abuse of dominance by the ncaa. >> led by the former ucla star and most outstanding player, at least 11 college ex-athletes are part of a lawsuit looking to force the ncaa to pay royalties to former players. >> they are deriving significant income from rebroadcasts and sales relating to those athletes' performances while they were students. >> the ncaa says the lawsuit and the attention it's receiving is leading to, quote, rampant misinformation of the facts. officials also point to examples of former student athletes signing lucrative endorsement deals before turning pro,
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including football team tebow who is currently waiting for the nfl draft. the accusations also stretch to sales of tv rights and other merchandise all based on the players. lawyers say those former athletes should get their fair share since they are no longer amateurs. it's the high-stakes game in which the final score could mean millions. jay gray, nbc news. >> there is also another lawsuit from a former college football player that targets video game makers as well. a wildcat related to the lion is on the loose in northern virginia. it's a 20-pound cat that escaped from the leesburg animal park on wednesday. take a look at the picture. it's a medium-sized african wildcat that is similar to the cheetah. it's spotted like you see there, and it's wearing a harness. it was hand raised and not
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considered a threat to resides, but people are urged not to approach it because it's easy scared and will likely run away. if you see the cat you are asked to call animal control. two rapes, and why one agency waited months to tell people about it. we will talk about whether tiger has a shot at repairing his representation. it's a busy weekend for the easter bunny. why suddenly he is donning scuba gear. monday morning, timeto get rolling with the easter egg roll. don't worry if you did not get tickets, we'll take you there live. and take me to the ball game, and if you don't care about the ga
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i am kimberly suiters. >> we will take a look at the headlines in a moment, but first justin drabick has a look at the gorgeous forecast. you cannot come up with words to deribe how nice it will be. >> exactly. this has been the trend for several days.
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we will keep going ahead even into next week. it sticks around for a while. some great easter weekend weather coming up, which will extend into the middle of next week at least. right now temperatures if you are waking up right now, we are looking at the 50s in locations right now, and to the far south even showing up with low 60s across central virginia. as the sun tries to break through some of the crowds, looks like we have low clouds that moved in off the ocean as the moist flow off the southeast brings clouds in. it looks like the clouds should thin out by the afternoon. we soar back up into 80 in some of the warm spots. and the sunset this evening is 7:34. easter sunday looks great. we are talking about warmer temperatures for next week. >> a few clouds are not bad, either. and yesterday afternoon it was actually hot. >> yeah, you could say it was hot. it cooled down just a little bit. >> thank you. >> sure.
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the cherry blossom festival is under way today. here is a live look from the city cam. hundreds of thousands of people will make their way to the district to check o the beautiful pink and white blossoms all along the title basin, and getting there could be a little challenge. derrick ward joins us live on what could cause delays for folks trying to see some of the beauty. >> reporter: good morning. obviously with crowds that are expected here, hundreds of thousands over the course of the festival, getting here may be an issue. we have been taking a look at traffic this morning. and people are slowing up to take a look and other traffic is going by. and people come down here for the cherry blossoms, and it's a good time to people watch. the cherry blossoms are here only for a certain time of the year.
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and we actually found a professional photographer that uses these to produce calendars, but today he is holding classroom. >> these are students here participating in our saw farry. >> what are you looking for? >> it's what they are looking for. how to take pictures, and where would you get the best pictures like shooting at sunrise, and getting sunrise pictures. and i am showing them nice spots to take great pictures. >> reporter: here is the traffic you are talking about. see the curb lane, that's the folks that have come down to look for a parking space or to look to get a picture. traffic is moving on the other side of the lanes well. we have somebody from the d.c. area helping with traffic and to get the pedestrians across. to take the subway you have to
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cross the traffic lanes. and if you are driving, of course, look out for pedestrians, and maybe slow up a bit and maybe not smell the roses but get a good look at the cherry blossoms. they will only be here for a while. there are fireworks expect the today, and a japanese animation festival in conjunction with this, and next week the big cherry blossom parade. back to you. >> thank you. if you are visiting the cherry blossoms, we want to see your pictures. e-mail them to ic@nbcwashington.c why didn't metro tell the public about a rape in one of its garages after it happened. it was at the largo town metro station back in february, and we are just now learning about it. it was not the only assault. news4's pat collins has more. >> reporter: if you knew a rape
9:34 am
happened at a metro station you use would it change the way you travel back and forth? >> i would be more caution with my surroundings when using that particular metro station. >> not come by myself at night or by myself. >> not park in the garage. >> rorter: consider this, february 5th, the largo town center metro station. a woman is walking to her gold honda car. she is robbed. she is carjacked. she is raped. but metro doesn't tell the public about it because -- because -- because of investigative reasons. the metro board director -- >> i am told because they were following leads and thought they were going to be able to arrest this person they felt it was better police work to keep that information themselves.
9:35 am
>> reporter: if a rape occurred at the metro station you use would you want to know about it? >> of course. >> reporter: how soon? >> how soon as they know. >> reporter: how soon would you want to know about it? >> as soon as it happened. >> reporter: how soon? >> the same day it happened it should have been exposed to the media. >> i have asked the chief of police to do a survey of all the other police departments to find out when and how they make an announcement of this sort, and i think it would be best if we are consistent with how other agencies in this region report crimes. >> reporte the police stake the same golden car in the garage, and they stake it out and it paid off. they arrested a jonathan david duffy, with duffy at the time of the arrest with a 13-year-old girl. they say someplace outside of the metro station area, that
9:36 am
13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted as well. duffy charged with numerous criminal counts. after the arrest on february 11th, metro did write up a release about everything that happened at the largo town center garage, but they never sent the release out. they say they got distracted by all the blizzard incidents. i am pat collins, news4, prince georges county. suspects in the largo center attack is being held on $300,000 bond. john cato, yesterday was the last day on the job. he announced he was stepping down after three tough years, includg after the deadliest crash in history happened in 2009. the new transit chief will
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receive as the gm until a permanent replacement can be found. police are working to identify a woman that was hit and killed by a car yesterday in wheaton. an elderly man's car jumped a rb and hit the victim as she was walking through a dunkin donuts parking lot. investigators are still piecing together what led to the accident. a former police chief from prince georges county will spend two months in jail for selling a stolen gold. he was indicted for stealing a handgun from the police evidence room and selling it out of the drunk of his car. the "washington post" reports he said he needed the money to buy diapers. he was sentenced to jail, and all but 60 days of the sentences were suspended. the time is 9:37.
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eriykah badu's unusual video shoot. pluz, lindsay has lunch with the world's most famous softball player. you might plan eating ham for easter dinner. what do you do with leftovers? we have ideas coming u
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tiger woods returns to the golf course at next week's master's. >> but will it take him longer for him to restore his image. >> joining us is a representation management consultant. rob, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> let's start there, what does tiger do? is this venue the right place for him to repair his image? will this do it? >> can't answer if it will do it, but i can say it's the right venue. it's the most controlled environment in golf and where he won his most major. if tiger ends upholding a press conference on monday as scheduled, you can bet it will be about golf, and if a member of the media tries to ask
9:42 am
something different, they will not be invited back for future years. and the question is the paparazzi. will they buy scalped tickets and put microphones in. security will be tighter than it has ever been. >> and tiger made a most-attractive men list, and now he is on one that is opposite. >> they had a list of 100 most unattractive men for 2009. tiger was number one. and this is impressive, because john edwards was number three, and jesse jamesas number six. this was just released last week. it included all the sandra bullock scandal and everything else. he is not on the list he wants to be at ts point in time. >> should elin be by his side at the masters? does that help? >> it helps so much. a lot of people are comparing this to the kobe bryant case.
9:43 am
his wife was by his side for the press conference, and it made a difference in the way the public viewed it and the way the media coverage event overall. >> before we leave the master's do you think we will see the fist-pumping tiger? do you think he will do that? >> i think he has to be. you will see him back in his own form. there is tiger the golfer, will his representation return? he is simply too good. it will happen. and then so i have no doubt about it. he will return inform. >> some people say that's all he needs to do. just play good golf and the other stuff will fall into place or melt away in some cases? >> it can. it depends on if there is anything hiding out there. he needs to be a little more accessible. tiger is not the one that goes and signs autographs most of the time, and that might beaken the wrong way now, and he doesn't have to make himself
9:44 am
media accessible but be accessible to the public. that's important. >> if he tes the kobe route and buys a million-dollar ring for his wife that would help? >> i would not go that far. tiger is the first billion-dollar brand in sports. a billion dollars! it's a big deal. there is a lot riding on this. and he is also the face of professional golf, of the pga. there are a lot of people affected more than just tiger. >> we are talking about scandals. the catholic church is embroiled in another scandal. when you think about crisis management, what is happening?n? what should be happening in the church? >> there is a saying, those that are talking don't know and those that know aren't talking. the vatican is geared towards crisis management when it comes to communication. what i would do is make -- for lack of a better term, make communications part of their
9:45 am
ministry. the truth will set you free. engage the members, the catholics within the church, and come up with a proactive communications out reach plan instead of letting people develop the stories from unknown sources or from innuendo because the vatican refuses to comment. >> do you apologize until you are blue in the face? >> yeah, you do. it's a sad situation. when you are innocent, you don't apologize for something that you did not do, but as far as the sexual abuse scandals that have taken place, yeah, you keep it up because it's too serious of a situation. >> thank you for being with us. it's 9:45 right now. we are back with justin's forecast right a
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if you think it's tough to find the eggs in a typical easter egg hundred, at least you don't have to hunt under water. and they are leaving eggs along a coral reef along key largo. it's part of a charity easter egg hunt planned for tomorrow. they are ienvironmentally friendly to prevent damage to the ecosystem. some people might be tempted to take a dip. >> yeah, i might go down to the
9:49 am
keys for easter. >> i was thinking the same thing, about heading out towards the ocean. but the beaches, still chilly this time of year as ocean water temperatures remain in the mid-40s off the delaware coastline. the weather certainly nice along the delaware and maryland coastline. we had low clouds and fog develop out towards the eastern shore this morning with a flow coming off the ocean, and the low clouds and fog are moving westward and approaching the washington area. we are checking in at 52 degrees, and national airport, a breeze coming in at 6 miles per hour. and then the high set in 1963, and it doesn't look like we will make record numbers today as far as temperatures but we will be well above average. you just have to let the fog and low clouds move out a bit. and widespread 50s across the
9:50 am
region. and every one pretty much uniform in nature right now. and the cool spots alo the chesapeake bay. the wer temperatures are chilly this time of year. doppler radar looks nice and dry. that's great news. we love that on the weekends. we can see rain developing off to the west. and still west of the appellation mountains. by the time the front gets here, wilbe dry. we will see a few clouds with it. out ahead, we will keep the temperatures nice and mild, and high pressure off theast coast is allowing the flow to remain out of the south as well, and that will be the dominant feature over the next few days. look at future cast. a lot of rain showing up now, as we move through time tonight we run into dry air and the rain dissipates. left over with morning clouds as
9:51 am
we approach easter subpoenaenda. and so a mix of sun and clouds today, and warm spots around the water, and then 80 degrees for the inland locations. and because of all the nice weather recently, allergy sufferers certainly are feeling it. a very warm and opening day for the nationals, upper 70s. a great day to head out to the ballpark to see them take on the phillies. and the next chance for rain showers will be late wednesday night and early thursday morning, and then fall back into the 60s for the high temperatures. >> not bad at all. >> yep, not bad, you called it. jenny finch is a star pitcher that young girls
9:52 am
everywhere hope to follow after. and somehow she found a way to balance her other roles as well as a wife to a major league pitcher and a mother to a 4-year-old son. and jenny opened up over lunch with lindsay on a softball field. >> reporter: you are arguably the most well-known softball player in the world. what exactly are you doing these days? >> training for another world championship. that's the plan. we are here, and i am looking forward to another summer of playing ball and being a mom and wife at the same time. >> how do you do that and be a successful mother as well as the kind o athlete at the level that you perform at and that fans know you for? >> it's a balancing act, you know. i think one you learn to get by.
9:53 am
we rely heavily on our family, and it's a big sport to us, and we have our own crazy schedules. most of the time he is with me, our ace. >> we were only dating a couple weeks, and then i hope this works out, and i hope my first son would be named ace, would you be okay with it, and i thought where is this coming from. and sure enough, four years later we had ltle ace. >> you have really dedicated yourself to being a role model. i know you turned down opportunities like "playboy" and other things that have come your way. is that something that has become difficult to balance the opportunities that come at you? >> you know, it's not so much difficult, but the decions were pretty easy, and i have my family there and backbone. i go to them for everything, you
9:54 am
know. what do you think about this? my brother said if your little girls goes in the store, and you are on the cover, and it hit my heart a like a ton of bricks. >> you are so nice. >> i have a competitive fire. i hate to lose. i love winning. and i credit my brothers with that, because i grew u losing every day. >> what would ty do for you? >> everything. never strong or fast enough or anything, smart enough, and it was always trying to hang with them. and i love it, i love competing, and when there is batters in the box, it's easy to go into game mode for sure. >> in beijing the world watched and it was emotional as you were the silver medalists for usa,
9:55 am
and softball may not be in the next summer olympics. is that something you think about a lot? >> yeah, i think about it every day, and there is not a day that goes by that i do not think about it. and it kills my heart to think that these young girls that dreamed of being in the olympics, they may not be able to. everybody worked so hard to create that stage, and i was with the woman's foundation here battling for title nine, and to see how far we have come and it's our mission to keep going on and we will and our sport will continue on. hopefully the opportunities will keep coming and we will eventually get it back in the olympics. that's the ultimate goal. >> pretty impressive and inspiring young lady. with easter sunday tomorrow,
9:56 am
ham may be on the menu for dinner. what do you do with the leftovers? we have ideas. ♪ >> if you are wondering what to do with your easter leftovers, fear not, the food editor of the "washington post" is here now with a ham sandwich like you never had before. >> yeah, jim, it's obvious for easter and for a lot of holidays you might make a sandwich with leftovers. >> the first ham is soaked in a rine, so it's wine and juice. we have a little mayo, and it's more mexican than spanish. >> and we are actually grilling this? >> yeah. that's right.
9:57 am
>> let's do this. >> you can see the big flex of chipotle in there. you finish with more cheese on top. we are going to now move over to the grill pan. >> how long do you let it rise? >> i will do it for three minutes on each side, and i will press it with another pan. >> here is a sandwich. it got nice and golden brown. wow! too good to call leftovers. >> that's right. thank you, joe. >> you are welcome. >> a cup here for the drool.
9:58 am
>> it's like an easter ruben or something. we have this video that has become a youtube sensation. a preschooler breaks out [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season, but it's melting fast. so hurry, act now to get fios tv, internet and phone at the super low price of $99.99 a month -- guaranteed for 2 years! call now and you'll also get a multi-room dvr and set top box -- free for six months. with 100% fiber optics straight to your home you'll get an amazing hd picture, america's top rated internet and phone. all for just $99.99 a month. enjoy tons of your favorite shows and channels. fios brings facebook
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good morning, every one. welcome to "news4 today."
10:01 am
>> it's saturday, april 3rd, 2010. a quick look at the day's forecast. meteorologist, justin drabick, is standing in for chuck bell. you have the great job today, don't you? >> yeah, that's a good thing. happy to bring nice weather across the region for the holiday weekend, and that will be into early next week as well. still clouds going on right now. it will take a little bit for the sun to penetrate through, but it should in the afternoon hours. fairfax county, warmer. falls church, you are in the mid-50s and even up towards montgomery county and germantown, also in the mid-50s at this hour. we will see more sun that will boost us back into the 70s, and then a couple areas will reach 80 degrees once again. and then warmer temperatures for
10:02 am
tuesday and then rain chances return for the forecast as well. >> thank you. >> all right. thousands of people are already out enjoying the cherry blossom festival. we will take a look at the city cam, and you can see the pink and white blossoms all along the title basin there. getting there, though, is tending to b a challenge. and derek ward is live. got your bike handy today? >> reporter: my bike? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's in the back of the truck. yeah. there is traffic, but what a beautiful place to be today. of course cherry blossom festival has been going on for a week, and the crowds seem to grow as the festival goes on.
10:03 am
and a i talked to one person who was a professional photographer, and he takes pictures for a calendar that he puts out every year. we caught up with a man from fairfax who came here to celebrate his 14th birthday. >> it's nice, just all the trees around here with diversity, and pink and white, and it's a nice place to be. >> reporter: do the crowds bother you or is that part of the experience? >> it's part of the experience. >> reporter: well, happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: you are not going to do your normal speeds, because of course people are slowing up to take pictures or to take people out to get out here and enjoy the blossoms firsthand. there is somebody from the d.c. department of transportation at the intersection to see thatou get through smoothly and to help pedestrians get across. be aware, if you are driving down here you will run into a little bit of a backup, but what
10:04 am
more beautiful place to be backed up than along the title basin here. and then another reason for traffic, the nationals home game. there will be a fireworks display later tonight here, and there is an animation film vers fu festival. and we are live, and now we go back to you. >> i saw one cyclists behind you. >> reporter: yeah, and even the cyclists have to be careful. yeah, just go to and search cherry blossom to find out how to get around. new today, a metro bus driver is off the street and in trouble with the law after police say he showed a knife to another driver. officers pulled over the bus duane adamson was driving last
10:05 am
night. he showed a knife to the other driver during an argument around 5:00 last night. he was driving on the u2 route. he has been a bus driver for three years. and then police say they were serving an eviction notice en they heard shots from inside. police entered the home and found the man dead, and he apparently killed himself. the standoff stalled the evening commute because the apartment build something near train tracks. a police officer was hit by a tow truck while trying to make an arrest. it happened last night near hyattsville. the officer was trying to remove an uncooperative person from a suspicious car, and the struggled spilled into t sea
10:06 am
and then a tow truck accidently hit the officer. the person he was trying to arrest is in jail. thieves smashed and damaged dozens of meters to get the money inside. nearly 70 parking meters were damaged or destroyed in a rash of smash-and-grab thefts. the thieves may have gonen as little as $2 or $50 from each machine. >> if anybody at area local grocery stores sees somebody come in with 40 pounds of quarters and dumps it in the coin star machine, give us a call. we turn to politics now, and by any measure, this was a bad week for the republican national committee. big mistakes in revelations about questionable expenses put the committee and its high profile chairman, michael
10:07 am
steele, under the eye again. andrea mitchell reports. >> mistakenly directing contributors to a phone sex hotline. to prevent similar embarrassments, party leaders ordered new controls on expenditures. and tony perkins is telling followers to stop giving money to the rnc. >> they are tone deaf to whom they look to for financial support. >> reporter: it's the latest embae embarrassment for michael steele. >> you sound like a bunch of republicans partying in west hollywood.
10:08 am
>> this should not have happened on michael's watch, but he took responsibility for it. >> while the east coast was snowed under, steel surprised party bigwigs by free-lancing with a book and paid speeches. bad management say republican critics. and in the past decade the republican party has vastly out raised dems, and this year they are running even with the gop and have more cash on hand they are bypassing the national party, sendsing the checks to the governor's association or directly to candidates. not at all happy about the way their leader is redefining grand old party. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. the fbi is trying to ease fears over threatening letters sent to several governors across the country. they say the letters probably have more to do with publicity
10:09 am
than actual threats. the letters demand the governors leave office within three days or risk being removed. they prompted an increase insecurity for governors across the country. guardians of the free republics is said to sent the letters. and why a new music video has police getting involved. and lovely weather, will it hold up the rest of the week? maybe not the rest of the week.
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
erykah badu has gained considerable attention for her music, and now she is literally laying herself bare in her video. she stipulated in the plaza where president kennedy was shot. and now the authorities say they are getting involved. >> eriykah badu bared it all, bt now the stunt earned her a disorderly conduct citation from dallas police. >> we feel these charges best fit her conduct when she disr e disrobed in a public place without regard to other
10:13 am
individuals and small children close by. >> the woman that filed the charges said the scene disgusted her. the owner of good records says he understands some peoples' reaction but says her performance was artistic, and others say it was part of a bigger plan. >> as an artist, you want somebody who is kind of thinking outside of the box, and gives you a means to an escape. >> i will say it's a publicity stunt, and albeit a well-timed one because of the timing of the album release. >> we will have security. off-duty police officers will be here. >> the fine could cost her $500 and she could fight it in court or mail it here to downtown dallas. >> hiring an off-duty police
10:14 am
officer incase others want to replicate the act? >> no, not a good idea, not in public like that. we'll be rig
10:15 am
10:16 am
time stood still, when the clock struck 6:00 on thursday, hundre of people simply froze
10:17 am
for three minutes. some were engaged in conversations and others were reading and the group wanted to show that flash mobs don't have to be violent and they can be peaceful and actually interesting. >> can you imagine walk into the station and not being up on what is going on. what just happened? >> i think it's a cool concept. i like it. 10:17 now, and justin has a look at the forecast. fully animated. >> we like that, too. >> everybody is loving it. >> everybody is loving justin. >> yeah, that's a good thing. it's tough to find complaints about this forecast coming up. pretty much a repeat of what we have had the last couple days. a live look outside right now. one difference this morning, we are dealing with a bit more cloudiness. fog and low-level louds moved in from the atlantic ocean. there was dense fog across the eastern shore, and visibilities were down to half a mile, but it's starting to improve over
10:18 am
there. we will deal with fog and low cloudiness which will filter out the sun a little bit. and temperatures will struggle to quickly climb up over the next few hours. and 53 right now, and the current temperature at national airport, a sbreeze at 6 miles pr hour. and right now we are looking at some low to mid-50s across the region as far as temperatures. pretty uniform in nature. doppler looks nice and dry and nothing going on. and if you are traveling or planning to head outdoors over the next few days or so the region is looking good. and there is a few clouds that moved in from the east. they are pushing westward because of the low level moisture, but then the eyes focus on the west. there is rain developing across the cold front, and that front
10:19 am
is moving eastward, and then it should weaken. we will continue with high pressure off the east coast, and provide the southerly wind flow today. ouds will be on the increase, and then late tonight the front approaches but the rain dries up. most of the dynamics with the storm system are to the far north of us. we will deal with clouds by the time you wake up with easter sunday associated with the front. and then we will see an increase in sun throughout the afternoon hours. we improve throughout the day on sunday. and then a decent amount of sunshine with warm temperatures. mixer of sun and clouds, and coolest along the water because of the bay breezes the develop, and all the dry weather is caing the pollen count to remain high, and the algery
10:20 am
sufferers are feeling it. we will not have to dry with any sensible weather. and monday back up to the 70s. opening day for the nationals. a 1:00 sta for the phillies. should be a good pitching match. and then on wednesday, 70s for a high, and it looks like april showers return for early thursday and that knocks our temperatures back in the 60s. it will feel colder, but mid-60s, that's where we should be for this time of the year. >> do you think we will see a sunrise, or will there be clouds? >> there will be too many clouds at that time, unfortunately. >> just enjoy the light coming out. >> exactly. the time is 10:20. after the break, an update on sports. how a family's sing along broke a preschoolers' heart.
10:21 am
>> you are not a single [ male announcer ] it's our hottest offer of the season,
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fios brings facebook and twitter right to your tv. also, check sports, weather and traffic without interrupting your show. you'll get tv with four times more very satisfied customers than comcast. get it all for just $99.99 a month -- guaranteed for 2 years! plus a multi-room dvr and set top box -- free for six months. don't wait. this incredible offer ends soon. call 1-866-932-fios. that's 1-866-932-fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is beyond cable. this is fios. sorry to tell you the wizards had a another rough out outing. >> the 16 game losing streak is in the books, but that doesn't mean the wizards are any better than they were. and they started another losing streak last night.
10:24 am
everybody wants to get their shots in and want to prove they can play, and according to flip saunders, that's exactly what is happening. a former bullet was honored for 25 years of service as the team's color commentator. and the second quarter is where we pick it up. livingston, nice pass to miller. and then mcgee to clean up the mess. fourth quarter, a block by j. and then the flush. the bulls up by nine. the wizards would not go away. and then miller had 15 and seven assists, but the bulls just too much. rose gives it to gibson, and he nails the 16-footer, and chicago goes up by eight. the bulls stayed up. 95-87 was the final. the redskins added another horse
10:25 am
to the stable of the experienced running backs. according to parker's agent, he did not come here to back up clinton portis or larry johnson, and it's said the spot will be an open competition. last year, he lost the starting job. when healthy, the 29-year-old known as fast willie, avenhe gains a lot of yards. and just a couple weeks ago, it seemed like a forgone conclusion. theodore had to be the guy in the post season. he has technically gone unbeaten
10:26 am
since january. the tide could be shifting. the young russian goaltender was popular with the ladies and the kids. and is the veteran getting nervous? remember, it was just last season in the playoffs that he replaced theodore, and one thing that we know for sure. bruce is going to take his time, and probably wait until the last minute to make up his mind, and that's just fine with theodore. >> the game is the same. when you get the call you have to go out there and make the safe. even if you get the call the first night before the playoffs, i know i am not getting distracted by anything i cannot control. i will play hard and play well, and the best i can. when i play with confidence,
10:27 am
things go well. >> capital's goalie, theodore. everybody have a great weekend. beyonce has broken many hearts, and most of them, though, still are not in preschool. >> you are not a single lady, buddy. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah you are. you are a single lady. sorry. >> by now, somebody has probably e-mailed you this clip. it become a youtube sensation. the father, as you heard, he tells his son, buddy, you are not a single lady, and he did not take kindly to be excluded. but he has recovered, and he is in therapy -- no, not in therapy. even if he is not a single lady, he -- >> yeah, a tough call for a father. it all deteriorated so fast.
10:28 am
they were having such a good time. >> we will be back tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. have a great day, every one.
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